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Fit Kid Express

All aboard for the Fit Kid Express! Parents, let's take your kiddos on a weekly fitness adventure from the comfort of your home. I'll upload an equipment list to pair with the video for that specific week. For either $4.99 per week, $10.99 per month or $109.98/ year, your kiddo will follow a structured program to help with the following:

•Build confidence
•Develop strength
•Develop coordination and motor units
•Increase Flexibility
•Reduce stress levels and behavioral struggles
•To have as much fun as possible

Once you're in, you can have your kiddo(s) workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday with Saturday being optional. 

*The recommendation for participants of Fit Kid Express are ages 5 to 11. Kids who are younger than age 5 may participate with older siblings although they may only be able to do certain movements (and that's okay). 

Ready to get your kiddo(s) on board? Get your tickets & subscriptions 

Have questions? Please see the
FAQ section. Contact me here if you have any questions that weren't answered. I hope to see your kiddo on the Fit Kid Express!!

Fit Kid Express Demo

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