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Aside from my personal training, BCB Bracelets are one of a kind! Each bracelet is handcrafted using natural gemstones which are joined together using nano or micro paracord. I inspect every bead before it goes on to ensure you receive the best quality!

Craft Your Bracelet

1. Click on the bracelet photo at the bottom to read the description.

2. Click "Add To Bag" then "Go To Checkout".

*I encourage you to read the terms & conditions and privacy policy before completing a purchase on my site. Go to "Other Gem Info" under the "Store" tab to read about caring for your bracelet and gem treatments. This info is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions or be used as a substitution for medical prescription(s). BCB Bracelets are not suited for persons 13 years of age and under.

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