Lets get started! Here's how it works:

  1. Set up and complete the FREE consultation.

  2. Set up and complete your fitness assessment (1st one is free).

  3. I collect the fee to start creating your fitness program & meal recommendations then schedule your first official training session (50% of your chosen plan is due before your program can be started.)


FREE Consultation

A consultation? This is where we'd talk about your "why", goals, etc. before your first session of training. Here's how it works:
1. Complete your free consulation.
2. Schedule your assessment session (assessment is free) and first training session.

**If the potential new client is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present during the consultation.

$34.99/ session

1-On-1 Training

You'll receive individualized fitness training to meet your needs. Even if you've never exercised before, I'll help you every step of the way! This option does include nutritional guidance to help accelerate your fitness journey.

**A free consultation before the first training session is required.

$29.99/ session

Bring-A-Buddy Session

Bring your bff, husband, cousin, your boss's sister or whoever along with you for a training session. 

**Note: The price is per person for 1 session. A consultation is required for the original client. 

$149.99/ month

Mobile App Training

You'll have access to all of your personalized workouts and receive nutritional guidance as a monthly subscriber. Subscribe for 6-months and get an awesome deal at $839.99. This is perfect if you want to workout whenever and wherever you want!

See more info here.


9-Session Training Package

With this option, you're paying less per session. You work out 3x per week as recommended, and receive nutritional guidance. You can't beat this awesome deal!

**A free consultation before the first training session is required.