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Game Changer: The Float Spa


"I've got to be honest though. I was disappointed!"

When people think of a spa, it's often associated with getting a massage, sitting in a sauna or steam room. I never would've thought in a million years that I'd find myself driving to one for an appointment.

My wife bought a float session pass for my birthday. I'm not going to lie though. My first thought was this is great, but I don't know when I'd have time to go.

I've got to be honest though. I was disappointed! I was disappointed that an hour went by so fast! If you've never been to a float spa and/or don't know what it is, let's dive into it a little.


"The pod or pool is filled with nearly 200 gallons of warm water then topped off with about 900 pounds of Epsom salt."

A float spa is floatation therapy designed to help you get better sleep, relieve pain, and relax. If you've ever been to a Chiropractor, you'll know how easy it is for them to find stress & tension in your muscle tissue and work it out. The more you go to get adjusted, the more beneficial it is to you. A float spa works the same way like other therapy choices.

The pod or pool is filled with nearly 200 gallons of warm water then topped off with about 900 pounds of Epsom salt. This mixture works against gravity and causes you to float with no issues. It's safe to say you can honestly fall asleep in there! What do you bring with you? They provide everything for you.

Once the attendant has gone through what floating does with you, you'll be asked to take a shower. Why a shower if you're getting into the water anyway? Showering prior to getting in the water gets all of the oils (conditioner, lotions, makeup, etc.) off your skin. We don't want that stuff floating along with you and possibly ruining your float session. Ruin my session? Yup! You want 100% effectiveness especially if you're spending an hour or more there.

My first session was in a pod. A pod is basically a combination of a hot tub and space ship. It has a lid that you'd close to maximize your experience which wasn't too bad unless you get super claustrophobic. My pod had soft LED colors to choose from, background music and a neck pad. You've got full control over the volume of music and lights. If you want it pitch black in the pod... you can make that happen too since you can turn the room lights off too if you want.

What's up with the neck pad? If you're worried about salt water getting into your ears and/or don't like your head in the water, you can put a mini floating device behind your neck to keep your head above water. If you've ever swam in the ocean, you'll know how itchy you are when you get out. Not only that, but with this amount of Epsom salt, it's hard to get the water out of your ears sometimes. For this reason, many spas will offer ear plugs since the salt water can be super itchy. What if your face gets itchy? Don't do it! Some spas may offer dry towels or even a spray bottle. It's going to burn a lot if you go to itch your eye so itch with a towel or use the spray bottle to counter the itch.


"When you totally let go and relax, your brain enters into what is called a the theta state or autopilot mode."

What makes it so relaxing? So, I mentioned before that your pool or pod will be loaded with Epsom salt. This makes the water buoyant. Since you aren't sinking, gravity isn't pulling on your nervous or musculoskeletal systems. Epsom salt is great for reducing inflammation and soreness in your joints and muscles. Having the ability to float forces your body to reach a state of relaxation which is enhanced even more.

Wait... what exactly are the benefits?

  • Increased blood flow & circulation

  • Stress reduction

  • Speed up the healing process of breaks, strains, and sprains

  • Increases function of your immune system

  • Sensory deprivation may enhance your senses after your float session

  • Reduce muscle recovery time for athletes

Let's talk about two of these points as they are rarely talked about. When you totally let go and relax, your brain enters into what is called a the theta state or autopilot mode. Your brain then feels like it's in the state of dreaming although you technically aren't. Ever notice how you mostly feel recharged after great sleep and you feel more "alive"? Yup... that's theta state!

Although you're just in warm water with Epsom salt, your body picks up on that. You aren't in the elements (daily life) that produce stress which in turn can cause you to become sick. Your body has time to regroup and recover at this point.


"Once you're done, you should feel relaxed and super chill."

Now you may wonder do you have to shower afterwards? Yes! You don't want to be itchy for the remainder of the day or walk around with ghostly looking skin. Once you're done, you should feel relaxed and super chill. You may even want to book your next appointment with your float spa before you head out. Once you head out, someone will drain and clean the pool or pod very well to get ready for the next person!



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