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Fitness Resolution? Heck Yes!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It’s NEVER too late to get the body you want. It only becomes too late when you decide to stop working toward it. To keep working, keep on reading!


Where to start?

It’s okay to ask yourself that. You should really take a minute to jot down your goals. It could be having more energy to play with your kids, taking up a new hobby or just walking ¼ mile every day. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks they’re too big or too small, because they are your goals! If it’s on paper, you’ll need that reminder if you get discouraged. They’ll also come in handy when you start monitoring your progress!

Find the best gym or personal trainer deals

In January, many gyms and personal trainers will have great deals available for new and existing clients. We all want to save money whether it be $2 when fueling our vehicles or $5 when you spend over $25 in a store. Just make sure to read every sentence, when you sign your membership agreement to avoid unexpected fee increases down the road. In other words; make sure you’re aware of paying full price on the 1st day of the fourth month with “30% off for the first 3 months” type of deal. If you have questions about what you’re about to agree to, you should ask. If the fee doesn’t fit your budget, feel free to shop around for better deals. There are many gyms to choose from!

What time works best for you?

Being organized with my time is one of the most important aspects of my life. Whichever time and days you pick, don’t skimp out on your exercises or put yourself and others in danger due to rushing/speeding and having a tight schedule. You should pick the days and times that work best for you. If you have children, you may want to go during your 1-hour lunch break. If you work after 9am, you may want to consider going at 6:30am. It’s always good to give a muscle group a day or so of rest before working them out again too. Unfortunately, time will affect a specific group of people the most… night shift employees. Night shift is very hard on your body since you’re naturally accustomed to sleeping at night. Swing shifts are just as difficult. Your best bet is to work out right after working all night. I did it for several years and I didn’t skip a beat although I slept majority of the day.

Tackle your pantry

I know I’m going to hurt some feelings here with this one. I love food, and I know you do too. Depending on what your goals are (weight loss, muscle mass gain, getting stronger, etc.), will determine what you should and shouldn’t eat. Your age, weight, daily habits, exercise activity and even what you do for a living can determine what you should be eating and when. Here’s something I go by that’s easy to remember. Protein + Carbohydrates = Gaining Muscle. Protein + Veggies = Weight Loss, and Protein + Fat = Weight Maintenance. As I mentioned in another blog, eating slower will give your stomach time to let you know it’s full so you aren’t overdoing it.

Keep a journal

I recommend keeping a journal since it’ll help keep you organized and on track. You don’t have to write like you’re jotting in a diary about your gym crush or the day your forgot to put on deodorant lol. You can just write what exercises you’re doing for each muscle group, your mood for each day and what foods are helping you the best. You’ll be proud of yourself a year from now when you go back and look at the progress. You don’t have to carry it everywhere like a college textbook, but keep it handy though.

Motivation, motivation, motivation!

Some people can naturally motivate themselves to work out. Other’s need to be motivated to lace up their shoes and hit the gym. If you do need that extra boost, consider hiring a Personal Trainer, work out with someone who can hold you accountable or find other ways like motivational quotes that will pop up daily on your phone. Although I’m a Personal Trainer, I’m still a human and sometimes need that extra boost especially when my 1-year old woke up screaming every hour the night before (Parenting is still cool though). I have something hanging on my wall that makes me push a little harder the second I read it. Like my Dad use to always tell me, “If something isn’t working for you, something has to change.” That quote alone makes me want to do something.

Make working out fun

When I do group classes, I like to make them fun. If you’re not enjoying something, chances are you’ll grow tired of it rather quickly. Sure, working out hurts sometimes, but at the end of the day you’re the one who has to get through it and you can. Carry dice with you. If you roll a ‘2’ and a ‘6’, do 26 push-ups. If both come out as 6’s, do 66 jumping jacks. There are many things to do.

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