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Gift Ideas for The Fitness Lover

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Some of us do well when it comes to buying the right gifts. Others, struggle with finding the right gifts; and I can honestly say that I’m not one of them 😊. I’ve compiled a list of 10 items that you could give someone as a gift. So, if you’ve been slacking on your Christmas shopping, this should help ya.



This is a cool gift for anyone who likes to keep track of their progress. You can an eye on your heart rate, daily steps taken (pedometer), calorie counting and even track your sleep. Some of these can get a little expensive costing around $120. If you want the same features, but something a little cheaper, you could always find a less expensive watch. The only thing is most of the less expensive watches only monitor your heart rate and steps taken.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

You can practically find these anywhere. Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Leisure Fitness are a few places to find an exercise bike. You have the option of spending well over $600, less than $100 or somewhere in between. What’s the difference between an upright bike and recumbent bike? An upright bike doesn’t have the back support, and you pedal just under your butt like a normal bicycle. A recumbent bike has a back support, and you pedal in front like riding a big wheel. This is perfect for someone who constantly has back pain being that most recumbent bikes have decent padding in the back rest and seat.


Who doesn’t like headphones or earbuds? Many people find it easier to have headphones or earbuds when they work out. I can’t forget my earbuds when I work out since music keeps me focused. I tend to perform better and when I trained in a public gym because I wouldn’t waste 10 minutes talking to everyone. A few people I know find it boring to run on the treadmill or an elliptical. Music will get you through that 40-minute jog on the treadmill.

Jogging Stroller

Buy any fit Mom (or Dads) a jogging stroller, and they’ll love you forever! They aren’t super expensive nor are they a pain in the butt to push like a normal stroller would be. They’re usually comfortable for the baby or toddler and easy to set up or break down too. If the Mom (or Dads) you know has twins or triplets, they do make jogging strollers to accommodate the little ones!

Lifting Straps

I personally love these for heavier lifting. Some gyms have lifting straps for members to use along with squat pads and yoga mats. Unfortunately, they probably never get cleaned or washed. This simple gift will usually run no more than $15.

Reflective Running Vest

I'd appreciate this under my Christmas tree if I was a runner. I do love getting out and enjoying the scenery, but sometimes I do it when the sun comes out or goes down. You want to make sure your loved one or friend is safe on the road and that they can always be seen. Reflective running vests are relatively inexpensive. If you decide to buy one, you’ll score a good deal if it comes with small pockets to carry a few little things.

Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep containers are perfect and inexpensive gifts. They mean a lot to someone who wants to do better when it comes to eating. You can sometimes use normal Tupperware containers, but meal prep containers will allow food to be separated within one container.

Shaker Cups

It’s great to have more than one clean shaker cup, if you make smoothies or shakes daily. I personally have a cabinet shelf specifically for the cups since I sometimes forget cups somewhere like my SUV. You can find the normal cups at grocery stores or buy the good ones at GNC for around $15 or even $20. The good ones have compartments for protein power and supplements too. Just make sure the cup has a shaker ball!

Fitness and Meal Journal

If your BFF, boyfriend, grandpa or whoever likes to be organized, a Fitness and Meal Journal is another good purchase. Jot down what meals you’re eating that day, what exercises are being done, heart rate, track your daily weight and even your daily thoughts.

Gift Card

If you still have no idea what to buy someone who loves fitness, shame on you! It’s cool. I’m just kidding lol. You could buy a gift card from Under Armour, Nike, Amazon, etc. Gift cards make it easy so you don’t have to spend hours in stores or waiting weeks for packages to arrive. What’s so cool about gift cards? You can always trust a gift card, when you have no idea what to get someone.


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