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An Amazing Gift For Yourself

Updated: Jan 29, 2020


Have you heard of the mobile phone made in Tokyo that will fly back to its owner’s primary residence if it’s misplaced? Me neither, but it would be cool though huh? Heck, someone’s uncle has that same Samsung flip phone that he bought 10 years ago, and it still hasn’t dropped a call yet!

I’m a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The screen size makes updating my website easier, the app text size is enlarged a little and the amount of internal storage it has is phenomenal! Regardless of what you use, you use it because it’s dependable, convenient and it works for you. With all the useful phone apps and functionality out there, it’s hard not to depend on them. There are tons of fitness related apps available, but I’ve decided to release one exclusively for my clients to download. On another note, here’s what makes it amazing:

Online Workout Building

My previous workout programs were completed using Microsoft Word and Excel. I’d be exhausted from investing so much time on one program but could only print them out when training clients. Now my workouts can still be personalized and shared with clients through automatic emails, printing, accessed/viewed online or through my app. The app and site are pre-loaded with a library of around 500 exercises complete with a demonstration link for each one. I can also add exercises that aren’t in the library too. If you’re 1200 miles away and working out on your own, you’d want my program to be easily accessible and easy to understand. With multiple parameters like number of sets, reps, time, distance and weight, a first timer could understand everything with no problems. If your workout needs to repeat on multiple days, I can set up your plans to reflect that too!

Tasks, Progress & Photos

Just like a fire, we all start out blazing but eventually need a little fuel to keep us going. I have different ways to help you stay clear of discouragement. Each task is created to fit your needs, so you’d stay on track. It could be as simple as writing in your journal every morning or even meal prepping every Sunday evening. When it comes to progress, people tend to ask the same question. How soon will I see the results? Any good personal trainer will accurately answer this question. The answer depends on you, your goals, exercise volume and several other factors. There’s a section to track your measurements and weight which can be displayed using a chart or graph. While tracking that information, you’re able to upload progress photos and even compare any two pictures that you want. In other words, you will usually feel the difference before you see it. Looking in the mirror daily makes it hard for you to see changes which is why I encourage uploading photos.

Meal Recommendations

This is difficult for most people when it comes to lifestyle changes. Your body functions much differently than mine or someone else’s. Once I calculate your macro-nutrients for your daily intake, we can choose from thousands of the pre-loaded food items to put together meals. Instead of doing 3 basic & boring meals and eating the same thing daily, we can set you up with an unlimited amount of meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Just like scheduling workouts to repeat themselves on multiple days, this also applies to your meals too. In other words, you can have one breakfast option on Monday and Wednesday, a second breakfast option on Tuesday and Thursday and a third option on the weekend days! If a food item isn’t listed, it can be added too.

Profile and Messaging

Just like before, your information is confidential unless you want to share it with another client for any reason. Whether you’re logging in online or through the app, your account is username and password protected. Your account will include the basic info like your date of birth, phone number, goals, past or current injuries, etc. Instead of going through 18 pages of questions, the Physical Activity Readiness, Personal and Health History Questionnaire is now simplified. We can also contact each other directly through the app or site too whether it be by email, call or text for any questions or concerns.

What's Your Price For All Of This?

You'll only pay $150 per month... that's it! It covers everything you need to get started and enjoy incredible training without breaking your piggy-bank. It's well below the fitness industry median of $375 per month!


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