5 Ridiculous Fitness Trends

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Are you guilty of hopping on a bandwagon? Don’t lie! LOL. It could be switching to a popular football team or even a specific car. You can even bandwagon in the fitness industry too. Just don't fall for the hype of these 5 ridiculous fitness trends...

A diet that works for everyone

Here’s the deal. I have so many questions for those who are putting this information out there. How does this work being that everyone’s body functions differently? What about the people who have food allergies? My current energy requirements and daily caloric needs are much different now than they were when I competed in my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament several years ago. A 60-year-old man or woman with diabetes cannot eat the same thing as a healthy 6’ 2” - 210 pound running back. The bottom line is there is no one diet that works well for everyone. Ketogenic diets fit into this category for me too. Yes, the diet does benefit those who suffer from seizures and studies have proven that and a few other diseases like diabetes. Unfortunately, keto diets can cause you to consume too much protein in turn creating issues like kidney damage, heart disease, losing too much calcium and even gaining the weight back that you lost over time due to the difficulty of sticking to it in the long term. Don’t forget that most of your energy does come from carbohydrates. Keto diets are designed to force your body to burn fat over carbs for energy. I hear people say they don’t have to work out to lose weight sometimes too. That is true and I’m not denying that, but what about your heart health? What are you doing to slow down bone loss? Your bones do get weaker as you age which makes you more prone to injuries. The only things that work for everyone are the formulas that are specific to an individual’s goals or to calculate someone’s bmi, macronutrients, etc.

Get skinny fast

I’ve never been obese or classified as fat, chubby or what have you. I can only sympathize being that I’ve never experienced having to deal with that feeling. Talking to and listening to others about being overweight helps me to understand. Some people who often feel that way and don’t know where to start to make a change just want to start anywhere and do anything that works. Unfortunately, that’s when these “get skinny fast” trends are made known. This trend reminds me of the “too good to be true” or “get rich fast” type of deal. These magic pills, drinks or food items can sometimes be expensive and highly unsafe. Everything sounds good in the commercials or advertisements, but what you don’t see are the warnings. Sometimes you won’t even understand what the fast-talking narrator is saying about the side effects. Everything nowadays could harm you, but why put yourself at risk of damaging your kidneys or liver just to be skinny? It’s not worth it!

Tummy flattening tea

I’m not saying tea isn’t helpful or healthy for you, because it is! I personally don’t like tea but I will drink it with squeezed lemon juice for a sore throat. The problem I have with this tea fad are these companies slapping an $80 price tag on it saying it works like a miracle. Again, I’m not saying tea isn’t helpful or healthy for you. I think it’s just jacked up that people don’t realize you can buy the same exact quality and quantity for much less than that. Heck, you could even head to your local farmer’s market or natural health store and buy the herbs for less than that. That extra $75 can go to a good cause like buying me an early Christmas present (winking emoji moment) LOL.

Fancy bottled water

If you own a pitcher that filters the water, a filter that attaches to your faucet or a multi-filtering cooler that dispenses water… that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the bottled water that costs almost $5. I had a discussion with my wife about a specific company that sells expensive water and wanting to know what makes that water different from what we filter at home besides what we're told. Water is healthy by itself. It doesn’t need to be taken directly from the waters of Lake Minnetonka or delivered by a unicorn, and I’m not saying it’s okay to drink it straight from the ocean! You’re just paying $5 for someone to filter your water, put it in a bottle and glue a pretty label on it. Some may disagree, but there are some that aren't as great as you may think. Here's a link to a YouTube video of someone performing ph level tests on some of the popular bottled water brands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElUgttLExaw

Some group classes

Some group classes may be fun, but you cannot put all of them into the exercising category. Of course, you’re going to burn calories or even lose weight depending on how many calories you consume per day versus how many calories you’re burning in these classes. The truth in the matter is this: Muscle will burn more calories on a rest day than fat burning calories. If you want to maximize the fat loss, you’ve got to build muscle mass and eat correctly. Sadly, you’ll have a hard time building muscle mass if you believe that Zumba will help you do so. I’m not saying you should avoid Zumba. I know people who have attended the classes just to stay active which is the main purpose of the class. Now, Zumba is nowhere near ridiculous as other classes that I’ve heard about like Face Yoga (Yes… it’s really what you may think it is.) or Naked Yoga. Naked Yoga is exactly what it sounds like. I read an article that someone wrote about taking Naked Yoga for the first time, and it was interesting to read. I can imagine having very strict rules in the class, but how does one who’s already self-conscience about their image do in this yoga class? I can understand if you’re the instructor and only have one student who is your spouse, but how is this gaining popularity? I'm open minded about some things, but Naked Yoga isn't one of them. It’s just a thought.

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