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Strength Training? I only want to do Cardio!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

"I don't want to get too big." "I don't want to become a bodybuilder." "I only want to do cardio today for weight loss."

Those are some of the things I've heard to avoid lifting weights. As a Personal Trainer, I have to tell you that you'll benefit most from doing cardio and strength training. Here's why...

1. You'll always need more muscle mass.

One reason people avoid the Weight Room is they think it'll make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 80's. Honestly, it will take special dieting and a lot of serious training to get there.

Weight training daily is actually completely fine. As we get older, we begin to lose muscle mass (low bone density). This can be called Sarcopenia. After the age of 30, you begin to lose 3% to 6% of your muscle mass every 10 years. That's why it's easier for older people to break their bones easier after a fall. Sadly, if you're physically active, you'll still lose some, but you won't lose nearly as much.

2. You'll burn just as much if not more calories.

Getting on a treadmill or getting into a grove on an elliptical will definitely help you burn some calories. The thing is, after weight training, your body needs energy to repair the muscle fibers that you put to work in the weight room. Carbohydrates and surrounding fatty tissues are used to contribute nutrients to the muscles that need repair.

3. Your physical work capacity will increase.

If you don't have strength in the muscles that you'll be using often while you're on the clock, how do you expect to get through the day? You'll be able to work longer and harder with the proper weight training. Besides, it will also help improve your range of motion as well.

4. The strength of muscles, connective tissue and tendons will increase quite a bit.

This points towards improving your motor performance while also decreasing the risk of injury. Basically, your range of motion will be on point! This also included your daily reaching movements and muscle activity. It's just like adding lubricant to moving engine parts. If you don't add anything to protect its movement, then that part will eventually fail which is the same as needing surgery. Don't confuse that with overworking a muscle.

5. Life in general will improve for you.

Strength training will MOST DEFINITELY make you a stronger person physically. It will also make you a stronger person mentally. While making you stronger mentally, it will definitely help control your weight versus depending solely on cardio.

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