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Consultation form
  • What is Fit Kid Express?
    Fit Kid Express is a fitness video program designed to keep kids active in the comfort of their homes with the supervision of their parent(s).
  • How does Fit Kid Express work?
    This program works by logging into your account (Fit Kid Express login page). Once you're logged in, you have access to the weekly video(s). Once you play the video, follow the instructions within the video and guide your little ones along the way. When the video asks you to "pause" or "play", simply click on the video and it will either play or pause. Parents, I enourage you to join in on the fun :)
  • How do I get started/signed up?
    Click here then click "sign up".
  • How does the sign up process work?
    Once you've signed up, you will receive a confirmation via email. Open the email and click the link to confirm. When you click the link, it takes you to the login page. Simply log into your account, click "my subscriptions". Once you get there, click "view pricing & plans" to select your weekly, monthly or yearly plan. Your plan will begin after your 7-day free trial.
  • Can I cancel during the trial and anytime afterwards?
    You can cancel at any time during the trial window; however, I strongly recommend doing so at least 2 days before your trial period ends. This will ensure your account has a "freezing" window since payments are processed the second you're charged. If you cancel once your subscription begins, you have access to your account until the end date. Example: If you purchase a 1 year subscription on Jan. 1, 2030 and cancel sometime through the year, your account will be active until Jan. 8, 2031 at 11:59pm.
  • I'm having trouble cancelling, can you help me?"
    If you have trouble cancelling just before your trial period ends, contact me by direct email here.
  • What are the requirements/plan policy?
    By subscribing/enrolling to the Fit Kid Express by Gifted Fitness LLC, you attest that you understand and agree to the following: 1. You are giving up your right to bring any legal action or assert a claim against Gifted Fitness LLC for negligence, any defective product and/or equipment used during the Fit Kid Express. 2. To participate in the Fit Kid Express, all participants are cleared by a Licensed Physician and all persons under the age of 18 who participate will only do so under adult supervision. 3. By participating in the Fit Kid Express, all participants do so at their own risk which could result in injuries, hospitalization or death. 4. Your weekly payment will automatically begin and continue after the trial period of seven (7) days until cancelled by you or Gifted Fitness LLC at your request. 5. If your payment is missed, your subscription may be disabled the following day. 6. You have read and understand the Intellectual Property section on the Terms Of Use page.
  • Why should I sign up for my kiddo(s)?
    As your kiddo(s) grow, we want them to become healthy adults someday. To do that, this is what should be worked on at a young age: •Confidence building •Strength developing •Coordination and motor unit development •Flexibility (should increase) •Stress reduction and coping with behavioral struggles •Having as much fun as possible (let kids be themselves)
  • Are any of your certifications related to youth and fitness?
    Absolutely! I hold the Youth Fitness Trainer certification through the International Sports Sciences Association. You'd be surprised how different a child's body works when compared to an adult's!
  • How does the training work?
    On Sunday each week by 7pm, I will upload a video along with the equipment list for that week. Your kiddo(s) can participate on either Tuesday & Thursday each week or Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Please note: If you do not have the equipment item(s) needed for that week, please utilize the video labeled as "default video".
  • What is the equipment list?
    The equipment list shows everything you'll need to purchase (unless you already have the items). This list will include inexpensive items such as pool noodles, agility ladders, training cones, etc. I will pick 1-3 of those items that'll get used during the training each week. You can see/download the list here.
  • At what age can my kiddo(s) participate?
    The recommendation for participants of Fit Kid Express are ages 5 to 11. Kids who are younger than age 5 may participate with older siblings although they may only be able to do certain movements (and that's okay). Kids older than 11 can participate, but may need a bit more than what this program offers.
  • Can I share my account info/login?
    Please do not share your username and password with anyone. This reduces the chance of someone resuming payments on a cancelled subscription and keeps the website and your info including the site data very safe. Please note: If parents live in separate houses, the account can be accessed from both locations.
  • What does Fit Kid Express Cost?
    There are 3 options available. You may choose to pay $4.99 per week, $10.99 per month or 109.98 per year. The option you choose is automatically deducted from your method of payment per week, month or year depending on the option you've selected after your 7-day trial. My goal is to keep this program as affordable as possible. Please note: Needed equipment (equipment list) is not included in this cost and those items are fairly inexpensive. If you have trouble getting these items, please contact me here by email.
  • Are there refunds once I enroll in a subscription?
    The short answer is yes. If you said, "Hey... I like the idea, but this just isn't for my family", I completely understand. I will grant refunds at 50% of what you were charged. I do this because your kiddo(s) may not have completed that entire week, month or year, and I'd rather you invest it into another program that will work for your family. The other 50% is retained due to fees paid by Gifted Fitness LLC such as processing fees, membership slots, etc.
  • Can I get documentation for homeschooling credit?
    Yes, contact me here to receive documentation which can be sent by mail (postage paid by you) or email. The documentation will be for the specified kiddo(s), have the Gifted Fitness LLC letterhead, the timeframe participated along with what the kiddo(s) did during that time frame and my signature along with certification credentials.
  • How can I view the videos?
    You can do so with any device that has internet access and a web browser such as a smart tv, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc., but it's best to view on a large screen to see all of the program details and actual exercises. Please note: Right click saving and offline viewing is disabled. Downloading through a third-party website is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate cancellation and the prosecution of the downloader under section 106 of the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code). If you see Fit Kid Express's content on a third-party website, please contact me here.
  • How many days per week should I exercise?
    Training frequency varies from one person to the next. A good starting point is 2 or 3 days each week.
  • What's your missed or late session policy?
    If you need to miss a session and cancel less than an hour prior to the scheduled time, the client(s) will be charged 50% of a standard session rate ($17.50). The charge is for the time and materials needed to complete your program. Clients who are late will be able to use the time remaining in their scheduled session. If time is available (usually the last client for the day), you'll be able to still have your full session.
  • How soon will I see the results of my training?
    I always say this during day 1's session, "expect to feel the results of your training before seeing them". Former and current clients have reported sleep, energy and mood improvements within the first four weeks. Body composition changes do take longer to notice unfortunately. Body composition changes can take longer for many reasons, but you can reach your goals at a great rate by adhering to your fitness programs, giving 110% in and out of the gym and sticking to eating healthy/whole foods, sticking to a meal schedule and drinking plenty of water. Making excuses only hurts YOUR progress!
  • Can a friend join me for a training session?
    Yes, please let me know in advance to ensure they won't need a medical release.
  • Can you train me at my house, gym, etc?"
    Yes and no. For liability reasons, I cannot train clients in their homes or their private gyms. I can tailor programs to the equipment available to you. I do train clients at one local gym. Please contact me to inquire about training at my local gym and membership options.
  • How hard will you push me?
    This will vary based on the client I'm training and what his/her goals are. I push each client based on what I know they can do and take and I do not and will not exceed that boundary. Sometimes a client may require tough love. If you're paying me to help you, please expect me to do that but you have to also truly want to reach your goals and be willing to put in the work.
  • Eat before or after working out?
    Before and after! It's important to have some fuel in your system to help you through your session. An easily digested carbohydrate (bananas, peaches, etc) an hour before your session is ideal. After your session, it's just as important to refuel and feed the muscles you've trained.
  • Do you offer meal plans?
    Unfortunately, I do not offer meal plans due to the State of Missouri's policy for personal trainers regarding meal plans. I do give clients nutritional guidance instead to ensure clients have a better understanding of the relationship between food and exercise which includes grocery shopping techniques. To receive a meal plan, I recommend speaking with a Licensed Dietician or Licensed Nutritionist.
  • Can I take food, weight loss or muscle enhancement supplements?"
    I cannot suggest that you take any supplements, but I can advise you of what I take personally along with why I take them. I recommend that you speak to your Licensed Nutritionist, Physican or Dietician to determine what is and/or isn't right for you.
  • Do I need clearance from a Licensed Physician before training me?
    It's not a requirement for some clients, but I recommend that everyone is cleared by a licensed physician to ensure that you're 100% ready and able to exercise. If there are red flags in your health history (prior or current injuries, health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, etc), you'll need my consent form signed by a Licensed Physician.
  • Do I need a FREE consultation before any training session?
    Yes. The consultation usually takes 30 minutes. This is to ensure that I can help you.
  • What happens during consultations?
    This is where we'd meet and get to know each other. I'd tell you about my services, fees, etc. You'd complete a short questionnaire and ask any questions you may have. If you have any prior or current injuries and/or health conditions, you'll receive a medical release form to take to your Licensed Physician. Once you're released (if needed), we'll schedule you for a fitness assessment from there.
  • Why are fitness assessments required?
    To write helpful fitness programs, I need to gauge your strengths and limitations. Before beginning the assessment, I'll get your bodyweight, measurements and photos (front and side shots).
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    In-Person - Cash, Credit/Debit Card (through Paypal) and Check Online - Credit/Debit Card (through Paypal)
  • Is there a refund policy?
    The policy can be found and read here:
  • What and who's your mobile app and online software for?
    My app and online software is perfect for busy individuals who want to train on their own and at their own pace. Even clients who do in-person training have the ability to access their profile too.
  • How will I learn all of the exercises?
    The app/online software is preloaded with 200+ different exercises. If you're unsure of an exercise, each one has a link to a demo video to help you if you're training on your own.
  • Where can I download the mobile app?
    My fitness app is only in Google's Play Store for android users. If you have a device with a web browser and have an internet connection, you can access your account online as well.
  • Can anyone see my info, profile or account?"
    I take confidentiality seriously. No one can see your information except you and me. Your account is password and username protected. The only way someone can see your information is if you share it with them or you give them your login information (Do not share it with anyone other than your spouse.).
  • How do I pay to get my fitness programs?
    If you don't pay in-person, the only option available is paying through Paypal. You'll receive an invoice from me at least one day prior to your payment needing to be made.
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