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"There's so much power in humbleness. Impossible is nothing to someone who tries." 
-Mike Tyson 


Personal Trainer, Founder

Picking up weights and putting them back down was something Bryant has always done. What he didn't know was the reasoning for performing the long list of exercises nor did he understand how each movement crossed over into things we do daily. 


Once the understanding came through earning his certifications, his focus shifted from what can everyone give him to what can he give everyone. Instead of just being passionate about something else like a hobby, he wanted to take on the builder's mentality by crafting something valuable.   

Once Bryant rebranded Gifted Fitness, he continued to develop and grow by discovering something he truly loved within the fitness community - the sport of powerlifting. This turned out to be a niche that was already there from playing sports related to strength training and conditioning. In Nov. 2019, Bryant broke 3 Missouri state records. In Jan. 2021, Bryant broke the push & pull world record total and the deadlift only world record with a 535 pound deadlift in the 165-lb sub-master division at 162 pounds.       


Strength Training


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