"The human potential is limited by the human mind, and it takes a very strong special person to break that barrier."
-Dave Tate


Personal Trainer, Founder

When I first started, I was an experienced athlete but knew nothing about my own health and fitness. The only thing I knew was workout for an hour then starve and sweat when I needed to make weight for wrestling, but I did that because that's all I knew.


When I stepped on the scale and weighed 40-lbs heavier than I should've been, I had to do something about it. I learned about the human body, what it can do and what it needs so I can pass the knowledge on to you to do on your own.


Along the way, I earned a few certifications and began training as a powerlifter. In January 2021, I broke the push & pull world record total and the deadlift only world record with a 535 pound deadlift in the 165-lb sub-master division at 162 pounds. No matter what your goals are, you can reach them!      


Strength Training




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